can i ask for mcree, reaper, 76 and junkrat with a tall s/o? i always see small s/os but i’m a 5’10-11 female so can’t relate

same tho. I’m like 5′8-9 and I’m tired of reading things where reader is like 4′9. I decided to do headcanons, I hope you don’t mind ^-^ Reader is the same height as the characters


  • He doesn’t really mind
  • Sure, he loves to lean his head on top of yours but he doesn’t care
  • At least he doesn’t have to bow down to kiss you.
  • Since your the same height, he can rest his head on your shoulder while hugging!!
  • He’ll still lift you up though.
  • it’s easier for him to kiss and hug you and just interact with you, basically

Reaper & Soldier 76 (Not poly, they’re just very similar)

  • They don’t like it
  • The taller you are, the more dominance you… have?
  • They’re both very dominant but with someone who’s the same height or taller than them, it feels a bit awkward to them.
  • It’ll work out eventually, though.
  • They love you, not your height.


  • Junkrat absolutely loves it!
  • He loves how he doesn’t have to lift you up or anything
  • He can just hold you close and kiss you.
  • He’ll often let his forehead touch yours and giggle.
  • (Imagine the giggles)
  • Sometimes he’ll still lift you up, though. Just so you look taller than him

can i get one sided break ups with mccree/reaper/junkrat/jack(pre-76) with female pronouns? hit me with that sad stuff (im ok dont worry)


my heart

it’s aching

i imagined junkrat crying

i don’t like this

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He couldn’t do this to you, could he? No. He had to break up with you. Lately, he felt… Different about you; he fell out of love. And it’d only make it harder on you if he kept leading you on. He did love you, though, but not anymore.

He was nervous. You were so nice and so great – for him, especially. He thought you were so beautiful. And he didn’t want to be the reason to see your beautiful face stained with tears.

But he had to; he knew that.

You had been living together for a few months already, so when he came home and smelled food, he knew this was going to be hard.

Entering the kitchen, you turned around and smiled at him, your eyes full of love, “Oh! You’re home already! Well… You can already sit down if you want, dinner’s almost ready”. You already turned back to the cooking food in front of you when he said, “Y/N, we need to talk”. Turning back to him with a frown, you asked, “Jesse? Are you okay?”

He nodded and moved closer, holding your hands, “Darlin’… You might want to stop cooking for now…”. Confusedly, you turned off the stove, “Jesse? What’s wrong?”.

“This… Isn’t easy but… I can’t keep lying to you” he confessed.

You obviously expected the worst. Did he cheat on you or something?

“Go on…” you whispered, your voice trembling.

“I… I think we should break up” he finally said.


“I don’t love you anymore”

Was all he said.

As if he didn’t care – which he didn’t but still.

You expected he’d still have some humanity in him, enough to just tell you he wanted to break up. But no.

“I don’t love you anymore”

He suddenly said when he entered your room. Nothing else. He then left the room as if nothing happened. You didn’t even have time to comprehend what he said.

How could he throw two years of dating away, just like that?

“I don’t love you anymore”

He said, meaning every word. Did he mean for it to hurt? Did he do this on purpose? Did he even love you at all? You desperately wanted answers but it was too late to get them.

Before you cried, you whimpered out,

“I still love you”


When you and Junkrat first started dating, everything went great. He did everything he thought was romantic.

(You still have the stolen, slightly burned Pachimari he gave you on your one month anniversary)

And sure, he was a great boyfriend. But when you started dating him, you didn’t know what would come along.

It was hard to love him when he was constantly away on thefts with his friend, Roadhog. And when he was home, he’d spend most his time making new bombs.

You desperately tried to spend more time with him but he was ‘too busy’. So many attempts were wasted on trying to save your relationship.

You thought he’d change.

But he never did.

And eventually you fell out of love. You wanted to tell the truth and break up with him but when? You barely saw him.

So you had to bother him while he was making more bombs.

“Ye’ just a sec’ darl’…” he answered when you asked if the two of you could talk. He always said that. “Jamie?” you asked. He hummed but you knew he wasn’t listening. Sighing, you repeated, “Jamison?”. “Yeah ‘m listening” he lied.

“Jamison, i think we should break up”

That certainly got his attention. He looked at you, tears starting to form in his eyes, “B-But, why? I-I thought we were doin’ great?”. “Junkrat, I barely see you… I fell out of love” you confessed, crying yourself now. “Wh-What?” he cried.

“Goodbye” you sighed, looking down and starting to leave the room.

You heard various things fall as his arms were suddenly wrapped around your waist, “No… Please don’t leave… I can make you fall back in love w’me, I swear”.

“Junkrat, please” you sighed. “Please stay… I’m sorry, ‘m sorry!” he kept crying but you had to do this.

You unwrapped his arms and sighed, “No… I’m sorry”.


This man really loved his work. That was obvious. But maybe he loved it too much.

You didn’t mind him loving his job, but this was too far. You barely saw him anymore. You weren’t even sure if he still shared a bed with you.

Daily you’d try to find him so you could have lunch together, but each time, he was ‘too busy’.

Every evening, you’d make dinner, only for him to ‘suddenly leave work later than expected’.

Eventually you gave up. “I love him and he loves me” you tried to convince yourself. But each time you only believed it a little bit less.

At one point, you just thought he had given up as well.

So one day you decided to leave him. You’d leave him a letter – it’d be the only way to actually let him know.

However, when you came home that evening, you found him in a suit. He was proudly standing next to the dinner table that was filled with food he obviously cooked.

Oh no.

“You’re home” he smiled, “I err- I know I wasn’t the best boyfriend lately so… I decided to make you dinner”.

He was smiling, clearly expecting a good reaction, but instead, you cried. He frowned and walked over to you to hug you. “What? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” he asked you.

You pushed him away and confessed, “I can’t do this, Jack… Not anymore”. He frowned, “What’s wrong, honey?”. “What’ll happen tomorrow? Will you have time for me?” you asked him and he sighed, “Honey, Overwatch is taking a lot of my time, I know-”. “Yes. That’s true. and you love your job but clearly more than me. So… Be honest with me. Do you think you’ll have time for me tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Do you see this relationship heading any further?” you asked him.

He looked down and you knew your answer, “I knew it…”

That same evening you left, “Good luck with Overwatch, Jack… You’re a true hero”

Ok hear me out: i did ballet for around 9 years before stopping and it’s something that kinda stuck for me and i never really stopped dancing, but now it’s always when i’m just walking around my house and i just start dancing, but i’m really embarrassed when someone catches me doing it. Could you write something for s76, lucio, phara, and hanzo catching their s/o just dancing with noe music because the urge to struck them? Thank hun, i love your stuff

(ok i also did ballet for like two or three months but i stopped because we didn’t learn anything new at all)

Also, there are a lot of characters so I wrote something short for all of them, I hope you don’t mind!

Soldier 76 just watches you. He’s pretty amazed by your dance moves and he loves watching you. He doesn’t tell you though, because he’s afraid you’ll stop doing it and he’d rather keep watching you.

Lúcio absolutely loves it! He might find some music with a beat to it so you can dance to it, even if it’s ballet. He tries to get interested in what you do so he can talk with you about it

Pharah accidentally gives herself away when she tries to stay silent. She’s almost entranced when she catches you. She has never really danced before but she’ll ask you to teach her, probably.

Hanzo watches you and waits until you’re done. Then he tells you how beautiful it looked and why you never told him about your hidden talents. He loves watching you dance and would love to see more

(Anon from before) What about after a mission, jack and Gabriel get mad at eachother cause they both want to cuddle reader (they all end up together anyways in a weird sandwhich thing lovelies)

Aww i love this!! Look at these dorks trying to cuddle better than the other

It all started on the dropship. “Ugh, when we get home I’m going to cuddle with Y/N” Jack told himself and Gabriel glared at him, “Oh really? What if I cuddle with them first?”.

Jack chuckled, “You won’t even get the chance”. “We’ll see about that” Gabe crossed his arms.

So when they got home, they… Well…

Gabriel pushed Jack away so he couldn’t open the door. When Gabriel opened it, Jack pushed him again and tried to get a head start but Gabriel grasped his ankle and tried to walk pas Jack who laid on the floor. Jack, however, held on to Gabriel’s ankle and they both started fighting.

All the noise made you come down the stairs and watch the two, “Err… Hello?”.

Suddenly, they let each other go and ran towards you.

Weirdest cuddle session you ever had.


imagine one of them cuddling you while trying to push the other one away lmao

can i have an imagine please? Soldier 76’s s/o accidentally calls him daddy, but s/o rolls with it and winks at him. you can make up the rest from there ;) i love your blog❤️

Okay so it’s pretty short because I don’t do full NSFW things, sorry

Soldier 76 often felt fatherly towards other recruits – and sometimes even to you, his significant other.

“Y/N you have to eat” he told you – he basically ordered you. “Yes daddy” you rolled your eyes. He choked on his own saliva as he looked at you, “What did you just say?”

Realizing what you just said, you looked at him and winked, “You heard me”. He gritted his teeth as he kept his eyes locked on you.

You kept smirking anyway.

He suddenly strode towards you and picked you up, locking your legs around his thighs. “You might want to repeat that”

How would Mcree, Genji, Hanzo, and Soldier 76 react if their s/o (she/her) accidentally passed gas infront of them, and s/o got really embarrassed *funny if you want it to be

McCree would try to ignore it. He’d stifle his laugh, though. But he’d ignore it. He might mention it later, though.

Genji would look at you first. He’d ignore it because he’s a bit shocked. I mean, you farted in front of him!

Hanzo would look up with an irritated expression and proceed to ignore it. Maybe because it’s etiquette to ignore it first. (I’ve read that somewhere)

Soldier 76 would give you a ‘seriously?’ face. He’d just forget about it afterwards. Accidents happen.

Thank the Lord your requests are open i love your writing sm. Could I possibly request a 76 hc or one shot with a reader who has Hanzo and McCree as protective “parents” or smth? And they’re trying to hug/kiss but theyre like a cockblock a little bit?

So, I’m assuming you meant McHanzo? i don’t like to include ships in my writings, in case someone doesn’t ship them, so I hope you don’t mind if I wrote them as friends.


“Heh, I missed you” 76 sighed, moving to hug you. The second his arms even made any movement towards you, a cough interrupted the two of you. Turning your head, McCree was the one who interrupted you. Ignoring him, Jack tried to hug you again.

McCree coughed again, “Sorry, my throat’s itchy”. “Then drink some water” grumbled Jack.

McCree huffed and walked off, glaring at the both of you as your boyfriend finally hugged you.


It has been a while since you were on a team with Soldier 76. So, when you won, you wanted to run towards him to hug him – until a bow passed between the two of you.

Turning your heads wildly, you saw Hanzo just putting his bow on his back.

“Hanzo!” you scolded. He glared back at you, “I thought I saw another enemy”.


You two were finally alone. Finally. No interruptions from any parental figures. His lips were covering your neck until– “Oh. Y/N! We have to practice!” said McCree. “McCree, leave. Now” Jack dominantly ordered. “But what if I’ll die on the battlefield ‘cause Y/N didn’t train with me?” Jesse fired back.

You groaned, “Fine. I’ll go with you.”. Jack grumbled before you whispered in his ear, “I’ll make it up later”. “Yeah, you better” he sighed in response