Hey love! Love your writing! Wondering if you could write some headcanons or something for Reaper, Genji, and 76 finding out their s/o is actually homeless?

Reaper would be surprised, but wouldn’t show it. He’d help you find a place to stay, though. And if you’ve been dating for a long time, he’ll let you stay with him.

Genji somehow knows what you’re going through. After Angela saved his life, he didn’t join Overwatch right away and had no place to stay for a day or two. So, he’ll let you stay with him or even let you move in!

Soldier 76 wouldn’t know how to react. He obviously didn’t know until now. He wouldn’t know if you wanted to move in with him, but if you did want to move in, he’s glad. Not just because you’ll be closer to him, but you also have a home now 


How would Hanzo, Reaper, Mcree, and Soldier 76 react to finding out their s/o is wearing a thong? SFW & NSFW??? I love your stuff! <3

Thanks ❤ NSFW here!!!!

Hanzo grew up to be a gentleman, so he wouldn’t really say anything about it – unless other people could notice. If you decide to tease him with it, he’ll make sure to show how much he loves them later. If you actually wear it casually, he’ll like the idea and he loves that you wear them.

McCree would get a boner instantly. No really, do you expect him to stay calm? If you’re both in private, and have some free time, he’ll just flirt around with sex as his main goal.

Reaper… I’m not sure. It depends on how he’s feeling. If he’s feeling affectionate, he won’t hesitate to fuck you. If he’s not, he’ll literally ignore it.

Soldier 76 has moments where he’s more affectionate. During those times, he’ll tease you but he’ll leave you wanting more as well. If he’s not, he’ll ignore it – at first. But when he realizes what you’re wearing, he’ll have to take another look and trust me: he’ll be in the mood.

Reinhardt, Hanzo, and 76 with a (younger, like mid 20s) S/O who’s very self conscious and needs a lot of reassurance? And especially likes to be physically affectionate (holding hands, snuggling up beside them, just touching them somehow). Headcanons maybe? or oneshots, ooor whatever feels best for this.


  • He understands
  • He’s pretty self conscious as well. After all, he’s almost forty years older
  • His hands are huge so he’s very careful when touching you in any way.
  • He does try to help you, though.
  • He covers most of the bed so the only option is to lay on top of him
  • Not that he minds.
  • He loves having you close to him (and he’s very warm too!)


  • He doesn’t really feel that worried
  • He’s about ten years older.
  • But in the Shimada clan, he saw his around 50-60 elders with 20 year olds so he’s glad that the gap is smaller.
  • He isn’t much of a talker nor affectionate.
  • But in private, he might hug you a lot, cuddle with you.
  • He’d accidentally say something encouraging.
  • Like, you’d be doing something and groan ‘It’s not working!’
    He’d reply with ‘Calm down. You can do this, it just takes some time’
  • and?? He didn’t mean to sounds reassuring but it helped

Soldier 76

  • He’s also pretty insecure when it comes to the relationship.
  • He wouldn’t want anyone to think that you’re only dating him so you could get a better rank or anything.
  • So he might want to keep it a secret at first
  • You might have to reassure him first.
  • But he can say very encouraging things!
  • They’re very helpful.
  • He likes holding you close, as if he’s scared you’ll leave him.
  • But only in private, of course.

Hey could i get reaper,76 and genji with a horribly sleep deprived s/o who is refused of any sleep medicine even if the lack of sleep is horrifyingly affecting them? If you feel okay with writing anything about it, it would be a nice comfort.


He was actually worried about you. You barely slept and you refused to take any medicine. If he could, he’d put some in your food or drink, but he doesn’t want to do that without your consent. There isn’t much he can do and it actually angers him. He wants to help you, but how?

Soldier 76:

He wants to help. He goes to Angela for advice but it doesn’t work. He’d practically beg you to take some medicine and if you still don’t want to, he’ll stay up with you, hoping it’ll guilt you into taking medicine. He sees how the lack of sleep affects you and he absolutely doesn’t like it. He wishes he could help and he’s doing everything he can.


I think that because of his new body, he needs less sleep. So he’d notice how long you stay up and he’d grow worried. He’d try a lot. From almost forbidding caffeine, to playing relaxing music when you go to bed. He’d ask you almost every day if you really don’t want to take some medicine. He’ll keep asking, until you say yes.

Could you do hc for prefall soldier 76 having a secret relationship with reader because he’s her superior.

  • It’d be his idea
  • He just doesn’t want people to think you’re with him to get a different treatment than the others.
  • he trusts you though
  • he knows you love him and not his position
  • you’d actually hide it pretty well.
  • Maybe Ana would notice a few things
  • but she’d ignore it
  • it’s not her business
  • He’d often come to your room to just watch a movie or something
  • Sometimes he’d call you to his office/room to ‘have a serious talk’, but you’d just make out.
  • He also hates hiding you. Other recruits might flirt with you and he does not like that
  • He wants to show you off, he’s proud of having you as his significant other
  • After the fall, he’d break up with you because he’s supposed to be dead and he wants to keep you safe.

Can we have kissing hc on soldier 76 and Reaper please.

Soldier 76:

  • Kisses with him are very private
  • ‘cause he doesn’t want to take off his mask in front of others
  • But when he’s sure the two of you are alone, he loves to kiss you.
  • He’s careful
  • He kisses you in a tender way
  • Sometimes he’s angry
  • and his kisses can be rough, maybe a bit sloppy.
  • Not too rough, though.
  • Just enough to calm him down, knowing you are there


  • Kisses with him barely happen
  • but when they do, you both make the most of it.
  • His kisses are a bit messy
  • but still enjoyable
  • He’ll hold you close
  • as if you’ll leave once he lets go
  • in the morning his kisses are soft
  • they’re nice to wake up to

Lucio and Reinhardt and Zenyatta and 76 noticing their s/o is shivereing from being cold. Cheesy but also cute :)


This didn’t save the last time so now it’s replaced by a trashier version

Lúcio grew up in a warmer country so he’d be cold too. His solution would be a blanket, just so the two of you can cuddle and get a bit warmer.

You’re cold? Reinhardt will hold you! He’s very big but also very warm and he can also be comfortable. Maybe he’d even wrap you up in a blanket before holding you close.

Zenyatta would be confused because how do you find him warm and comfortable enough? Seriously, he can be warm enough to heat you up.

Soldier 76 wouldn’t even hesitate to pull you closer. It’d also depend on the time. If you had just woken up, he’d pull you back into bed. During the afternoon he’d stand near the window if the sun was shining. He just wants you to be comfortable

Roadhog is like a human heater. Seriously, he’s so warm and soft? He’s scared he’ll hurt you when he holds you so you just lay really close to him. He really likes it, too!