“You should quit your job. You know I can take care of you.” with Pre!Fall Gabriel pls? Somethin about sugar daddy gabe got me goin naaaaissssuuuu


(Also: sugar daddies sometimes just want someone pretty to act like their girlfriend/wife… thanks tumblr)

His lips ghosted over your neck. “Do you like your present?” he asked you and you nodded. “You deserved it after you behaved so well at the party” he smirked.

Although you loved laying in his arms all day – you had work to do.

Gabriel sighed and watched you get out of bed, “You should quit your job”.

You turned around, your eyes wide as he continued, “You know I can take care of you”.

You rolled your eyes, “Sure you can, but I love my job”. “Come here” he said right as you were about to enter the bathroom.

Hesitantly, you walked over to him now that he was sitting at the edge of the bed. He pulled you on his lap and sighed, “I know a few ways of convincing you”


can i ask for mcree, reaper, 76 and junkrat with a tall s/o? i always see small s/os but i’m a 5’10-11 female so can’t relate

same tho. I’m like 5′8-9 and I’m tired of reading things where reader is like 4′9. I decided to do headcanons, I hope you don’t mind ^-^ Reader is the same height as the characters


  • He doesn’t really mind
  • Sure, he loves to lean his head on top of yours but he doesn’t care
  • At least he doesn’t have to bow down to kiss you.
  • Since your the same height, he can rest his head on your shoulder while hugging!!
  • He’ll still lift you up though.
  • it’s easier for him to kiss and hug you and just interact with you, basically

Reaper & Soldier 76 (Not poly, they’re just very similar)

  • They don’t like it
  • The taller you are, the more dominance you… have?
  • They’re both very dominant but with someone who’s the same height or taller than them, it feels a bit awkward to them.
  • It’ll work out eventually, though.
  • They love you, not your height.


  • Junkrat absolutely loves it!
  • He loves how he doesn’t have to lift you up or anything
  • He can just hold you close and kiss you.
  • He’ll often let his forehead touch yours and giggle.
  • (Imagine the giggles)
  • Sometimes he’ll still lift you up, though. Just so you look taller than him

“Til death to us part. That’s what our vows said.” With post!fall Reaper pls?? <3<3


Gabriel was a loving man.

He was the perfect boyfriend. Always giving you the attention you deserved, making sure you felt loved.

And even if he was busy, he’d always try and make time for you.

Gabriel was a loving man.

You’d support him through thick and thin. He deserved the job as strike commander – you knew he did. And even though you kept hoping he’d get it, something felt wrong.

Gabriel was a loving man.

And one day he proposed. Of course you said yes – you wanted nothing more. Everyone was happy for the two of you. As soon as Gabriel announced it, everyone started congratulating you, hugging you and so on.

The wedding itself was simple: family and friends. Not too big either. Just small, without a lot of drama.

But a day after the wedding, Jack got the job Gabriel always wanted.

Gabriel was a loving man.

Gabriel was furious – understandably. He wanted that job but instead became a Blackwatch recruit; commander to be exact. But he didn’t want that.

Jack knew, too. And you knew Jack purposefully ignored it.

And Gabriel had his limits. One day, someone would cross the line. You never thought it’d be Jack. They used to be friends – good friends.

Gabriel was a loving man.

The rest was blurry. Explosions happened – it was deafening. And Jack and Gabriel were gone, just like that.

Or so you thought.

He came back – but he wasn’t Gabriel. No, he turned into Reaper. Part of you thought there was still some humanity left in him, that he was still the man you once married.

Big mistake.

Gabriel was a loving man.

His hand was wrapped around your neck, his long nails – claws – digging into your skin. “L-Let me- go!” you gasped for breath but it didn’t work.

“Why would you leave me? Til death to us part. That’s what our vows said, remember?” you heard him say – as if he was gritting his teeth. “Y-You’re already dead” you angrily glared at him. He chuckled darkly, “But I’ve never felt more alive”

Gabriel was a loving man, but Reaper wasn’t.

Headcannons for the boys™ and how they would treat their s/o when they have a cold. (i’m so sorry i feel like this has been asked already)

get ready

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  • He knew something was up at the first signs
  • Hes going to try to cook and clean for you, but tbh, probably isnt going to get very far.
  • He will however make sure you are comfortable 
  • If he has to go, hes gonna be pretty worried, hell probably asks a whole lot of questions like “ will you be able to cook while im gone?” “ Are you comfortable?” “Do i have to buy you anything?” ect
  • He will keep his distance, of course he loves you, but he doesnt want to get sick.
  • But he will probably be supportive from afar, like from the other side of the room hell semi yell some encuraging and sweet phrases.


  • He would probably notice you have a cold before you do.
  • Once he notices hes most likey going to cancel most of his plans just to take care of you
  • Probably makes you do as little as humanly possible.
  • He’ll cook, clean ect. he doesn’t want you to lift a finger, even if its just a small cough.
  • Probably asks someone else or searches up for advice on how to help with the cold
  • He can and will hug you whenever you want/need it since he is mostly machine and he wont get sick.


  • He won’t know how to take care of you tbh
  • You’ll probably have to help him cook or he will just burn everything in the house.
  • Like Doomfist, he’s going to be Worried™ especially if he cant monitor how you are doing
  • Too stubborn to ask for help
  • Tbh probably doesnt care if he gets sick too, if the only way he can help is by cuddling you and such, hell do it.
  • He will be a lot more delicate with you tho.


  • tbh, if the cold is really minor, he wont care, cant let it get between and his work.
  • but if its serious, he is going to take care of you like as if you were royalty.
  • Hell keep his distance tho, he doesnt need himself getting sick too
  • When youre sick, its one of the few times you get to taste his cooking, which is surprisingly good.
  • We have all been there, being sick can sometimes get the better of you and make you a little overly emotional and youll want to vent, if that were to happen, Hes going to sit there and listen.
  • When youre horribly sick, or injured in anyway, a different side of Reaper comes out, a more caring and loving side. Its like there is still an echo of the old him in there.

Soldier 76:

  • Turns into a dad™ 
  • He is going to be so protective and ready to help whenever you need it
  • He doesnt know how to cook or clean for you… but he will try to learn for your sake
  • Since its normally you taking care of him, when youre sick he feels kind of obligated to do anything he can.
  • Pampers you with compliments
  • depending on how serious the cold is, he`ll cuddle you and such or if its bad, he will be on the other side of the room, shoving a plate of food with a broom over to you


  • Tea™
  • Hell probably be really stubborn about letting you be alone
  • Itll take some convicing but, you will manage to make him go on that important meeting
  • whenever he comes back though hell first ask every question possible, then hell get to actually taking care of you again.
  • tbh, loves being able to take care of you since he normally isnt able to
  • Probably has some ancient healing technices he read about in his youth that he swears will work


  • Oh boy
  • He can barely take care of himself.. nevermind he cant, how is that man supposed to take care of you?
  • This man can probably put water on fire… i stg dont let him walk one foot into the kitchen
  • but give him credit, he tries!
  • He gives you cuddles and such cause thats all he can do tbh…
  • No need to worry about getting him sick, because of radiation, he probably is imune to anything at this point..


  • probably knows exactly what to do
  • if he has to leave for work or something, probably made some kind of contraption to get you food or something like that whenever you need it.
  • Like Reaper, surprisingly his food is delicious
  • Also, he probably has some weird ancient swedish folk concoction for a cold that he swears works
  • Whenever you get sick its as if his senses just became 500 times better.
  • if you try to call out to him while hes in another room he will come running in, ready to help with anything.


  • Teddybears everywhere
  • tbh, probably looks really good in an apron
  • He gets really happy whenever you say that you like his cooking
  • Even though he thinks its sad that youre sick, hes kind of happy since that means he has an excuse to take care of you and stay home with you all day.
  • he would help out in anyway he can, no matter how hard its going to be.
  • loves how soft(?)you act while sick


  • Hell notice right away
  • He if he can take care of Junkrat, taking care of a sick you is going to be easy
  • The first thing hell do is make sure you have everthing you need close by
  • food, water, a bucket ect
  • hell leave you alone so you can get your rest, but he will check up on you frequently
  • He thinks, as weird as it is, that when your sick youre kind of… cute?


  • His usual up beat personality becomes a little more mother-like
  • Hell try to make you laugh, since laughter is the best medicine
  • PJ DAY
  • His cooking is soooo gooooood
  • probably has some kind of music to play to help you get better, like his healing music
  • cant leave you alone, he must be there at all times

Can I request some Reaper and Hanzo headcanons with a s/o who is really sexual and playful about it. Like she always teases them and whispers dirty things or calls them some form of dominant name for a giggle (daddy, master, Papa, the like). You can ignore this if it’s not something you do or comfortable with. Thank you~!!

hmm I don’t write nsfw unless it’s headcanon, so headcanons it shall be!

so yeah nsfw

it’s tagged. like it and open it on browser to read on mobile


  • He loves it!
  • Unless you call him daddy or something in public
  • ‘cause that means you want to get fucked
  • He can get pretty rough, too
  • Constantly ordering you (”Moan for daddy” “Cum for me” etc.)
  • Hmm… I think that if you want to get him really pissed off, you have to tease him right before he has to go on a mission.
  • So when he comes back, you’ll probably spend the whole day in bed


  • Poor Hanzo, he’ll be so flustered!
  • He’ll roughen it up a bit when it comes to sex but I think it’ll still be close to making love.
  • He’ll probably teach you how to say ‘master’ in Japanese.
  • But don’t tease him while he’s meditating
  • Please don’t.

can i get one sided break ups with mccree/reaper/junkrat/jack(pre-76) with female pronouns? hit me with that sad stuff (im ok dont worry)


my heart

it’s aching

i imagined junkrat crying

i don’t like this

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He couldn’t do this to you, could he? No. He had to break up with you. Lately, he felt… Different about you; he fell out of love. And it’d only make it harder on you if he kept leading you on. He did love you, though, but not anymore.

He was nervous. You were so nice and so great – for him, especially. He thought you were so beautiful. And he didn’t want to be the reason to see your beautiful face stained with tears.

But he had to; he knew that.

You had been living together for a few months already, so when he came home and smelled food, he knew this was going to be hard.

Entering the kitchen, you turned around and smiled at him, your eyes full of love, “Oh! You’re home already! Well… You can already sit down if you want, dinner’s almost ready”. You already turned back to the cooking food in front of you when he said, “Y/N, we need to talk”. Turning back to him with a frown, you asked, “Jesse? Are you okay?”

He nodded and moved closer, holding your hands, “Darlin’… You might want to stop cooking for now…”. Confusedly, you turned off the stove, “Jesse? What’s wrong?”.

“This… Isn’t easy but… I can’t keep lying to you” he confessed.

You obviously expected the worst. Did he cheat on you or something?

“Go on…” you whispered, your voice trembling.

“I… I think we should break up” he finally said.


“I don’t love you anymore”

Was all he said.

As if he didn’t care – which he didn’t but still.

You expected he’d still have some humanity in him, enough to just tell you he wanted to break up. But no.

“I don’t love you anymore”

He suddenly said when he entered your room. Nothing else. He then left the room as if nothing happened. You didn’t even have time to comprehend what he said.

How could he throw two years of dating away, just like that?

“I don’t love you anymore”

He said, meaning every word. Did he mean for it to hurt? Did he do this on purpose? Did he even love you at all? You desperately wanted answers but it was too late to get them.

Before you cried, you whimpered out,

“I still love you”


When you and Junkrat first started dating, everything went great. He did everything he thought was romantic.

(You still have the stolen, slightly burned Pachimari he gave you on your one month anniversary)

And sure, he was a great boyfriend. But when you started dating him, you didn’t know what would come along.

It was hard to love him when he was constantly away on thefts with his friend, Roadhog. And when he was home, he’d spend most his time making new bombs.

You desperately tried to spend more time with him but he was ‘too busy’. So many attempts were wasted on trying to save your relationship.

You thought he’d change.

But he never did.

And eventually you fell out of love. You wanted to tell the truth and break up with him but when? You barely saw him.

So you had to bother him while he was making more bombs.

“Ye’ just a sec’ darl’…” he answered when you asked if the two of you could talk. He always said that. “Jamie?” you asked. He hummed but you knew he wasn’t listening. Sighing, you repeated, “Jamison?”. “Yeah ‘m listening” he lied.

“Jamison, i think we should break up”

That certainly got his attention. He looked at you, tears starting to form in his eyes, “B-But, why? I-I thought we were doin’ great?”. “Junkrat, I barely see you… I fell out of love” you confessed, crying yourself now. “Wh-What?” he cried.

“Goodbye” you sighed, looking down and starting to leave the room.

You heard various things fall as his arms were suddenly wrapped around your waist, “No… Please don’t leave… I can make you fall back in love w’me, I swear”.

“Junkrat, please” you sighed. “Please stay… I’m sorry, ‘m sorry!” he kept crying but you had to do this.

You unwrapped his arms and sighed, “No… I’m sorry”.


This man really loved his work. That was obvious. But maybe he loved it too much.

You didn’t mind him loving his job, but this was too far. You barely saw him anymore. You weren’t even sure if he still shared a bed with you.

Daily you’d try to find him so you could have lunch together, but each time, he was ‘too busy’.

Every evening, you’d make dinner, only for him to ‘suddenly leave work later than expected’.

Eventually you gave up. “I love him and he loves me” you tried to convince yourself. But each time you only believed it a little bit less.

At one point, you just thought he had given up as well.

So one day you decided to leave him. You’d leave him a letter – it’d be the only way to actually let him know.

However, when you came home that evening, you found him in a suit. He was proudly standing next to the dinner table that was filled with food he obviously cooked.

Oh no.

“You’re home” he smiled, “I err- I know I wasn’t the best boyfriend lately so… I decided to make you dinner”.

He was smiling, clearly expecting a good reaction, but instead, you cried. He frowned and walked over to you to hug you. “What? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” he asked you.

You pushed him away and confessed, “I can’t do this, Jack… Not anymore”. He frowned, “What’s wrong, honey?”. “What’ll happen tomorrow? Will you have time for me?” you asked him and he sighed, “Honey, Overwatch is taking a lot of my time, I know-”. “Yes. That’s true. and you love your job but clearly more than me. So… Be honest with me. Do you think you’ll have time for me tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Do you see this relationship heading any further?” you asked him.

He looked down and you knew your answer, “I knew it…”

That same evening you left, “Good luck with Overwatch, Jack… You’re a true hero”

can i get uuuuuuuuuhhhh fem s/o w/ a flat chest headcanons, nsfw + sfw with reaper please n thank

yes, i tagged it nsfw


  • do you really think he cares?
  • because he doesn’t
  • boobs are boobs
  • insecure?
  • not on his watch

(NSFW: like it and open in browser to read on mobile)


  • Listen, he still doesn’t care
  • Can he touch them?
  • Yes?
  • Because that’s good enough for him.
  • Insecure?
  • He’ll praise you so much
  • he won’t keep his hands off them, honestly