Wanna write more about HAL-Fred? Do you have an idea how he would comfort his s/o??

ok imma write a few headcanons just for you and also my mind is filled with jake so im sorry if it isn’t good

  • “My princess, don’t listen to them”
  • He’ll hug you
  • and act like he saved your life.
  • But he’s a good boyfriend/husband
  • and he’s proud of that!
  • No really, he’ll act like he saved you from your death or something.
  • Just let him have it.
  • It’s pretty funny anyway

I had a bad experience in comp today, so maybe D.Va comforting s/o? Thanks in advance!

I decided to do headcanons ^-^ i hope you don’t mind

  • She knows what it’s like to have bad experiences with competitive plays
  • Toxic players, bad teams, she has seen everything.
  • BUT
  • She knows the perfect way to comfort you.
  • She’ll tell you it’s okay
  • that those people are just horrible
  • Sometimes a team doesn’t work out and that’s okay
  • It’s only a game


HAL-Fred is being a prick. Y/N is angry.

[You can request the next map! (Even Elimination and Event maps)]

“This is the last time I hire human bodyguards” HAL-Fred complained. You sighed, gritting your teeth as you paid more attention to your phone.

“Don’t you agree, sweetheart?” he asked you and you hummed – you didn’t agree, though.

“My love, what’s wrong?” he turned to you. You took a deep breath and sighed, “I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m human”. Although he didn’t have any facial expressions, he’d be frowning right now, “Sweetheart, I was talking about those incompetent bodyguards out there… Not about you, my love”.

You nodded, took a deep breath, and went back to your phone. He made a sighing sound and took your hand. Nuzzling his face against it, you knew he meant to kiss it.

“My darling, I love you… You are the most wonderful human I’ve ever met” HAL told you, “You are so talented… I hate to admit it but you have more talent than me”.

You chuckled under your breath and sighed, “Fine…”

Could you do a Junkrat imagine with an s/o who gets hyper reactions to bug bites? I went out of town recently and got one and it just swells up really big, itches, gets red/hot and becomes so unbearable you contemplate cutting your own leg off. They’re just awful and I need help in these hard times :(

ugh :/ i hope it gets better. I never had this happen to me so I decided to do headcanons, i hope you don’t mind

  • He’ll probably take it a bit seriously
  • “What d’ya mean, ‘cut your leg off’?”
  • so you might have to explain it a bit.
  • He wishes he could help but of course he doesn’t know much about it.
  • He might have to ask for help…
  • So he asks Roadhog!!
  • Roadhog surprisingly knows a bit about bug bites.
  • Junkrat will try to remember that
  • (he doesn’t)

I HAVE A MAJOR THURST FOR BALDERICH (and Reinhardt – if you’re okay with poly!) AND WOULD LOVE NSFW HC. Any kinks? what’s he got packing down there? Give me the dirt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lmao i only did Balderich bc idk i’m not experienced with poly stuff

but NSFW under the cut. yes it’s tagged

  • Okay so, he may be a bit dominant
  • but sub!balderich tho
  • If you have long hair (or even if you don’t) he likes touching the back of your head when you go down on him.
  • He’s also into dirty talking and encouragement
  • He loves telling you how good you’re doing.
  • Okay so, I’m also pretty sure that Balderich is bigger than Reinhardt
  • so if you think Reinhardt’s dick is big, imagine Balderich.
  • He’s more into making love than just fucking, too.
  • Probably because he could harm his S/O if he gets too rough.
  • Idk about his kinks but I think he’s willing to experiment

Sojiro, HAL-Fred, and Balderich on their first date with reader ^w^


idk if you wanted hcs or something but you’ll get hcs


  • He’s very sweet when he comes to pick you up.
  • He even brought you flowers!!!!
  • Okay, admit it: he’s the perfect gentleman
  • He’ll pull out your chair for you.
  • He’ll even pay
  • I think he’d be very excited, too.
  • But he’ll probably take you to a somewhat fancy restaurant
  • After the date, when he brings you back home, he’ll probably kiss you on the cheek (and maybe invite you to another date)


  • He’s a huge dick to everyone
  • Except to you.
  • Someone did something wrong and you didn’t like it?
  • Boom, that person is fired.
  • Again, he’ll only be nice to you.
  • You want a table by the window but every table is taken?
  • He’s rich, he can just pay them to leave! Don’t worry about it


  • Okay
  • if i’m being honest
  • the two of you would probably already be married
  • y’know, arrange marriage and all that
  • And you probably took hours, maybe days, to convince him to go out on a date.
  • So, you’re sitting with him in a restaurant, only the two of you
  • He won’t say much, probably
  • but when he does say something, it’s something nice.
  • Like, before the two of you left: “That looks great on you”
  • Maybe he’ll also compliment other choices, like food.
  • He may seem evil but he can be nice
  • if he tries
  • and if he wants to

Hi there~ If it’s not too much trouble, could I have some hcs on how Tracer would help a friend ( who is sort of still a rookie in overwatch) prepare for a big mission coming up?


  • I think she’d train against you
  • She’d only blink around first, not attacking you
  • Maybe if you did good, she’d shoot.
  • She also gives you tips
  • Like, stay behind the tank
  • Or, protect the healer
  • She knows what it was like, to be new.
  • So she tries her best to help you.