Wanna write more about HAL-Fred? Do you have an idea how he would comfort his s/o??

ok imma write a few headcanons just for you and also my mind is filled with jake so im sorry if it isn’t good

  • “My princess, don’t listen to them”
  • He’ll hug you
  • and act like he saved your life.
  • But he’s a good boyfriend/husband
  • and he’s proud of that!
  • No really, he’ll act like he saved you from your death or something.
  • Just let him have it.
  • It’s pretty funny anyway

I had a bad experience in comp today, so maybe D.Va comforting s/o? Thanks in advance!

I decided to do headcanons ^-^ i hope you don’t mind

  • She knows what it’s like to have bad experiences with competitive plays
  • Toxic players, bad teams, she has seen everything.
  • BUT
  • She knows the perfect way to comfort you.
  • She’ll tell you it’s okay
  • that those people are just horrible
  • Sometimes a team doesn’t work out and that’s okay
  • It’s only a game

Could you do a Junkrat imagine with an s/o who gets hyper reactions to bug bites? I went out of town recently and got one and it just swells up really big, itches, gets red/hot and becomes so unbearable you contemplate cutting your own leg off. They’re just awful and I need help in these hard times :(

ugh :/ i hope it gets better. I never had this happen to me so I decided to do headcanons, i hope you don’t mind

  • He’ll probably take it a bit seriously
  • “What d’ya mean, ‘cut your leg off’?”
  • so you might have to explain it a bit.
  • He wishes he could help but of course he doesn’t know much about it.
  • He might have to ask for help…
  • So he asks Roadhog!!
  • Roadhog surprisingly knows a bit about bug bites.
  • Junkrat will try to remember that
  • (he doesn’t)

I HAVE A MAJOR THURST FOR BALDERICH (and Reinhardt – if you’re okay with poly!) AND WOULD LOVE NSFW HC. Any kinks? what’s he got packing down there? Give me the dirt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lmao i only did Balderich bc idk i’m not experienced with poly stuff

but NSFW under the cut. yes it’s tagged

  • Okay so, he may be a bit dominant
  • but sub!balderich tho
  • If you have long hair (or even if you don’t) he likes touching the back of your head when you go down on him.
  • He’s also into dirty talking and encouragement
  • He loves telling you how good you’re doing.
  • Okay so, I’m also pretty sure that Balderich is bigger than Reinhardt
  • so if you think Reinhardt’s dick is big, imagine Balderich.
  • He’s more into making love than just fucking, too.
  • Probably because he could harm his S/O if he gets too rough.
  • Idk about his kinks but I think he’s willing to experiment

Sojiro, HAL-Fred, and Balderich on their first date with reader ^w^


idk if you wanted hcs or something but you’ll get hcs


  • He’s very sweet when he comes to pick you up.
  • He even brought you flowers!!!!
  • Okay, admit it: he’s the perfect gentleman
  • He’ll pull out your chair for you.
  • He’ll even pay
  • I think he’d be very excited, too.
  • But he’ll probably take you to a somewhat fancy restaurant
  • After the date, when he brings you back home, he’ll probably kiss you on the cheek (and maybe invite you to another date)


  • He’s a huge dick to everyone
  • Except to you.
  • Someone did something wrong and you didn’t like it?
  • Boom, that person is fired.
  • Again, he’ll only be nice to you.
  • You want a table by the window but every table is taken?
  • He’s rich, he can just pay them to leave! Don’t worry about it


  • Okay
  • if i’m being honest
  • the two of you would probably already be married
  • y’know, arrange marriage and all that
  • And you probably took hours, maybe days, to convince him to go out on a date.
  • So, you’re sitting with him in a restaurant, only the two of you
  • He won’t say much, probably
  • but when he does say something, it’s something nice.
  • Like, before the two of you left: “That looks great on you”
  • Maybe he’ll also compliment other choices, like food.
  • He may seem evil but he can be nice
  • if he tries
  • and if he wants to

Hi there~ If it’s not too much trouble, could I have some hcs on how Tracer would help a friend ( who is sort of still a rookie in overwatch) prepare for a big mission coming up?


  • I think she’d train against you
  • She’d only blink around first, not attacking you
  • Maybe if you did good, she’d shoot.
  • She also gives you tips
  • Like, stay behind the tank
  • Or, protect the healer
  • She knows what it was like, to be new.
  • So she tries her best to help you.

If requests are open, I’d really like to see Genji, Hanzo n McCree (the boiz) react to walking in on their S/O wearing nothing but their shirt bc.,.,., I hate pants

Idk if you meant S/O’s shirt with ‘their’ but S/O wears the character’s shirt

Genji wouldn’t really care, I think. You want to wear his shirt? Go ahead! Sure, he’ll be a bit more affectionate but there won’t really be a difference. (Young Genji would’ve loved it. He’ll hug you from behind, with his hands on your hips, and just tell you how nice you look in his shirt)

Hanzo would try to ignore it but damn it, he can’t stop blushing. He secretly loves it when you wear his clothes. It means a lot to him, for some reason. He’ll also compliment you a lot, just saying.

McCree will be all over you. He loves it when you wear his clothes and isn’t afraid of showing it. He’ll hug you, kiss your neck etc. He’ll just give you a lot of attention.