How would McCree, Lucio and Soldier76 react when they find out their s/o listens to Dubstep Violin (like Lindsey Stirling)? (Song examples: Roundtable Rival, Master of Tides, Shadows, Moon Trance)


McCree wouldn’t really mind. I think he’d actually enjoy it! He’ll even look for some similar artists.

Lúcio would be… less excited. I don’t think he’d really like the music but he respects you and won’t insult it.

Soldier 76 would like it – love it! But he’d deny it! Don’t mention it. You might hear him listening to it when he thinks he’s alone!

Hello! I love your writing aaa could I request for headcanons on how Hanzo, Genji, Mccree, Soldier 76 and Widowmaker (seperate) help fem!reader (who they secretly love) that randomly breaks down and have panic attacks because of an emotionally abusive relationship that reader just got out of?

I only did the Shimada brothers + McCree for this one, if anyone wants other characters, just request ^-^


  • He’d notice when he heard you crying in the bathroom
  • That’s when he’d subtly watch you, see what you did during the day
  • He often saw you look into a mirror, or at others
  • First, he’d think you were insecure
  • So, he’d tell you how beautiful you look
  • or kiss your neck while you’re looking into a mirror
  • But somehow, he’d find out the real reason.
  • And he’d promise you, that he’ll always treat you with the respect you deserve


  • He’d sense something is wrong
  • But he’d just ask.
  • In case you tell him the truth, he’ll hug you and whisper so many compliments in your ear
  • If you lie, he’ll believe you… But not for long
  • When he finds out he’ll ask you again – and ask you if you trust him
  • He’ll try his best to help you through the break downs and panic attacks


  • He’d find out on his own
  • He also might’ve tracked your ex down to… have a talk with them.
  • And he’ll also give you so many compliments – he means all of them
  • Each time he sees you about to have a break down or panic attack, he’ll drop everything and just run over to you
  • He’ll hold you close and reassure you, telling everything’s okay