Nyello may i get some Lucio walking in on his s/o singing and they sing really good (like he’s never heard them sing before) pls ^-^ (i really like your stuff)

Thank you ^-^

Lúcio finally came back home. After travelling for hours, all he wanted was some sleep.

But when he opened the door, he heard the most beautiful singing voice. It almost… Enchanted him. When he found the person singing, he was amazed. His S/O was the one singing while making some food.

He never heard them sing but now he did and he absolutely loved it.

When you were finished and turned around, you were surprised. “How much did you hear…?” you worriedly asked and he proudly smiled, “Enough to know that my significant other is an amazing singer”


Ok hear me out: i did ballet for around 9 years before stopping and it’s something that kinda stuck for me and i never really stopped dancing, but now it’s always when i’m just walking around my house and i just start dancing, but i’m really embarrassed when someone catches me doing it. Could you write something for s76, lucio, phara, and hanzo catching their s/o just dancing with noe music because the urge to struck them? Thank hun, i love your stuff

(ok i also did ballet for like two or three months but i stopped because we didn’t learn anything new at all)

Also, there are a lot of characters so I wrote something short for all of them, I hope you don’t mind!

Soldier 76 just watches you. He’s pretty amazed by your dance moves and he loves watching you. He doesn’t tell you though, because he’s afraid you’ll stop doing it and he’d rather keep watching you.

Lúcio absolutely loves it! He might find some music with a beat to it so you can dance to it, even if it’s ballet. He tries to get interested in what you do so he can talk with you about it

Pharah accidentally gives herself away when she tries to stay silent. She’s almost entranced when she catches you. She has never really danced before but she’ll ask you to teach her, probably.

Hanzo watches you and waits until you’re done. Then he tells you how beautiful it looked and why you never told him about your hidden talents. He loves watching you dance and would love to see more

Hi there! Could I ask you for some headcanons for Reaper/Gabe, McCree, and Lucio (separately) with an s/o that has found out they have cancer and they try to hide it from them? Stuff like this actually really helps me cope. Thank you!

I’m pretty sure this is the longest headcanons-post I’ve ever written…


  • At first, he wouldn’t really notice if you were acting differently
  • But after a while, it becomes obvious.
  • He grows suspicious quickly
  • He almost demands you tell him what’s going on.
  • When he finds out, he’ll just… soften
  • He’s so nice to you
  • He treats you like a porcelain doll
  • If you can be cured, he’ll keep treating you that way.
  • If not… He’ll spend every moment with you.
  • He’ll be like the man he once was, before he became Reaper


  • He’s oblivious
  • He’ll only notice when he sees that something about you changed
  • He asks you what’s going on
  • When you tell him, he’ll leave your house for a few hours
  • But when he comes back, he immediately hugs you
  • He’ll ask you why you didn’t tell him sooner
  • He wanted to be there for you – he wanted to support you
  • He’ll be there for you
  • Seriously, he’ll do anything.
  • If you can be cured, he’ll actually propose immediately – he doesn’t want you to leave him now.
  • If not, he’ll take a break from Overwatch/Blackwatch so he can spend more time with you.


  • He’d notice immediately
  • But he respects your privacy
  • However, when he notices that your appearance is changing, he’ll ask you immediately
  • He’s heartbroken when he finds out.
  • He wants to be there for you
  • He wishes he could help
  • He’ll ask Angela for tips on how to help you
  • He searches for information online.
  • If it can be cured, he’ll just hug you immediately.
  • He’ll be so happy, so excited, he’ll sometimes just look at you in amazement
  • If not… He’ll try to be happy but it’s obvious that he isn’t
  • He wanted to help you, he wanted to be there for you
  • But now it feels like he failed

How would McCree, Lucio and Soldier76 react when they find out their s/o listens to Dubstep Violin (like Lindsey Stirling)? (Song examples: Roundtable Rival, Master of Tides, Shadows, Moon Trance)


McCree wouldn’t really mind. I think he’d actually enjoy it! He’ll even look for some similar artists.

Lúcio would be… less excited. I don’t think he’d really like the music but he respects you and won’t insult it.

Soldier 76 would like it – love it! But he’d deny it! Don’t mention it. You might hear him listening to it when he thinks he’s alone!

Hi! I was wondering, could you do some Lúcio headcanons?? Preferably ones about him when he’s crushing. We need more of the cinnamon roll *u*

  • Honestly, I think he’d just tell you.
  • If you feel the same, he’ll be the happiest person alive.
  • If you don’t, he doesn’t mind. It’s okay. he might distance himself first so he can fall out of love first.
  • But then he can go back to just being friends
  • Realizing he has a crush is different though.
  • First, he’d question how (’How could I fall in love with them and their beautiful personality… And pretty smile… And soft hair…’)
  • Then, he’d try to get interested in the same things as you.
  • He’d slowly grow closer with you and he only falls more in love.

How would Genji, Junkrat, Lucio or McCree comfort their S/o after a really bad day at work? Not overwatch work, maybe a normal job

I have no idea on how to write Junkrat’s or McCree’s so if anyone could help, that’d be nice ^-^

Genji would ask what happened. He’d let you vent without complaining. He understands that you have a different job, that doesn’t match up to his at all. But you were used to it, so if you were having a bad day, he’d understand.

Lúcio would know instantly. He’d play some upbeat music, make some silly faces, he’d try a lot, just to take your mind off your job. He somehow manages to stay positive for quite a while and he hates seeing you upset, so he’ll try to cheer you up, no matter what

Heyo! May i request Junkrat, Lucio and Zenyatta (you can add more if you want too, thats up to you) with a genderfluid s/o that has an intense imagination and youll nearly always seem them drawing or writing or just sitting and staring into the air for a very long time just imagining stuff? Maybe they even start rambling when they get a new idea. If this is too much or too hard to make then i apoligise. You dont have to write this. I hope im not a bother.

You’re not a bother! Thank you for requesting ❤

Junkrat is fascinated. He loves how you can imagine things in general. He’d sometimes ask if you have any ideas for a new bomb or just anything explosive in general. He loves watching you, lost in thought. When you ramble, he’d barely understand what you’re saying but he remembers some words.

Lùcio would mostly go to you for inspiration. He loves ‘brainstorming’ with you, in silence. He loves it when you ramble, even if he can’t make out any words. He just loves your imagination and he loves imagining with you

Zenyatta would be quite confused, but he’d try to become more interested in your drawings or writings. Sometimes he’d notice how you stare off into space and he’d question it – he may want to be at peace with humans, but that doesn’t mean he understands their mannerisms. But he’s interested. Even when you ramble, he’ll ask you to slow down so he can understand you