Could you do a Junkrat imagine with an s/o who gets hyper reactions to bug bites? I went out of town recently and got one and it just swells up really big, itches, gets red/hot and becomes so unbearable you contemplate cutting your own leg off. They’re just awful and I need help in these hard times :(

ugh :/ i hope it gets better. I never had this happen to me so I decided to do headcanons, i hope you don’t mind

  • He’ll probably take it a bit seriously
  • “What d’ya mean, ‘cut your leg off’?”
  • so you might have to explain it a bit.
  • He wishes he could help but of course he doesn’t know much about it.
  • He might have to ask for help…
  • So he asks Roadhog!!
  • Roadhog surprisingly knows a bit about bug bites.
  • Junkrat will try to remember that
  • (he doesn’t)

it says requests are opening, so could i perhaps ask for something with tracer and junkrat (separate) making up with reader after a rough patch/an argument? sorry if it’s boring, thank you if you wanna do it!

Sorry, only did Junkrat ^-^

  • I think he’d be pretty stubborn but eventually begins to miss you
  • He’d try to make you something as a peace offering, but he obviously fails.
  • Just accept the broken (defused) bomb.
  • bc if you do, his eyes will light up
  • and he’ll hug you
  • Because he’s so happy
  • I also think he won’t let go for a while but just let him have this
  • He’s glad you accepted his apology

can i ask for mcree, reaper, 76 and junkrat with a tall s/o? i always see small s/os but i’m a 5’10-11 female so can’t relate

same tho. I’m like 5′8-9 and I’m tired of reading things where reader is like 4′9. I decided to do headcanons, I hope you don’t mind ^-^ Reader is the same height as the characters


  • He doesn’t really mind
  • Sure, he loves to lean his head on top of yours but he doesn’t care
  • At least he doesn’t have to bow down to kiss you.
  • Since your the same height, he can rest his head on your shoulder while hugging!!
  • He’ll still lift you up though.
  • it’s easier for him to kiss and hug you and just interact with you, basically

Reaper & Soldier 76 (Not poly, they’re just very similar)

  • They don’t like it
  • The taller you are, the more dominance you… have?
  • They’re both very dominant but with someone who’s the same height or taller than them, it feels a bit awkward to them.
  • It’ll work out eventually, though.
  • They love you, not your height.


  • Junkrat absolutely loves it!
  • He loves how he doesn’t have to lift you up or anything
  • He can just hold you close and kiss you.
  • He’ll often let his forehead touch yours and giggle.
  • (Imagine the giggles)
  • Sometimes he’ll still lift you up, though. Just so you look taller than him

May I request a shy reader with lack of self-confidence, who wants to become Jamie’s friend, but doesn’t know how?(Reader happens to be a new overwatch recuit)

You had been a recruit for only a week. You got along with a lot of them… But there were these two guys… They were always either in the corner or being yelled at…

They stood out, that was for sure. They intrigued you, especially the smaller one of them.. You kept hearing small bits about them. “Dont talk to them, they’re trouble..” “Oh them? Better not to stare”

“Dont bother” “They’re bad shit crazy” “Those two are always up to something…” They were the underdogs it seemed… You felt kind of bad, cause it seemed like no one actually never even tried to get to know them on a personal basis..
Thats when one night you decided that you wanted to be the one to know the truth. But you lacked the confidence to walk up to them… They had such a rugged exterior.

So for a while you just watched them from a distance, not like stalking, but just… giving them glances every once in a while if they were in the same room as you.
They were loud, that was for sure, at least Junkrat was… They seemed really close. One day you had gathered enough currage to walk a little closer to them, Yes, it was really hard to want to..

They didnt really seem to mind, or they did but tried to ignore it. This was it, you had to try, i mean, nobody was going to do it for you.

Your mouth opened and closed, trying to say something. your mind stumbled on the words. You franticaly looked around the room trying to find something to start a conversation with.

You looked down fiddleing with your fingers, your mind going through topics. You could hear in the back of your mind some insults about yourself slowly building up.

Soon your mind was filled with thoughts about how the situation could go wrong, how they wouldnt think anything of you, like you werent enough.

“Uhh… Yok there?” A voice interupted your thoughts. You look up to see both the males looking at you. “Yer kinda.. shakin.” Junkrat said, you hadnt even noticed, your face flushed as you tried to find words to say.

Random uninterpretable words rolled out of your mouth, soon you just closed your mouth realizing how much you looked like an idiot. Roadhog gave a slight chuckle at your actions asa small laugh errupted from Junkrat.

“w-what?” you managed to say, you couldnt stop thinking that he was laughing at you.

“eh, nothin why ‘avent you gone out with everyone else?” Junkrat asked a slight mix between a smirk and a genuine smile played on his lips.

“W-What?” you repeated and looked around in the room, Shoot! You were supposed to go with everyone to that meeting!

Your face heated up as you started franticaly trying to get up, somehow getting your foot caught in something and falling flat on your face.

Junkrat laughed as Roadhog helped you up. “they left half an hour ago” He said between chuckles. You frowned how didn’t you notice?

“Ah its fine, me anol pig face over ere never go to em either.” You slightly smiled once you were on your feet.
“Uhm… Thanks.” you tried to say, but it came out as a whisper, but they managed to hear it, thankfully.
“Heh, see ya around , newbie” Junkrat yelled as he and Roadhog exited the room.

You gave in to a gigantic grin once they were out of sight. You did it! You actually did it! 

You finally let out a gigantic breath you didn’t notice you had held.
Your mind was filled with compliments, and you felt so proud of yourself.
What you didn’t know, was that this was the start of a great friendship between you three.

Hey can I get a junkrat, McCree, reaper, and the shimada bros reacting to a super shy s/o that loves to be in large sweaters and when spooked hides in the sweater like a turtle?

I honestly didn’t know how to write Reaper or the Shimada brothers in this one?? Sorry. I’ll write it if requested tho ^-^

Junkrat loves it! He thinks it’s adorable and just can’t help but pick you up and hug you. He’d sometimes spook you on purpose, though, to see you hide in your sweater. Then he’ll most likely cuddle you or just hold you.

McCree will just pat your head. He isn’t afraid to show how adorable he thinks it is. He doesn’t scare you on purpose or anything but when it happens he smirks because it’s just so cute.

Hello! Can I request Hanzo, Junkrat and Reinhardt with their chum, who has a good sense of humor?

Written by @ask–junkrat, thank you ^-^

Junkrat :

  • He loves someone with a good sense of humor.
  • If he could, he would just sit around all day and listen to you crack jokes.
  • You can also often hear Junkrat telling Roadhog your jokes.
  • If the joke is a little complicated he might take a few seconds to understand, but once he gets it he will start laughing his ass off.
  • Every joke makes Junkrat howl in laughter.
  • He gets so excited everytime he sees that glimmer in your eyes when you come up with a new joke.


  • Hanzo has a really specific sense of humor and loves being able to share that with you.
  • Whenever you crack a joke he normally gives you a slight chuckle.
  • But if the joke is really good, and you are in private, he will most like you a whole heartedly laugh.
  • One of your favorite things to do is make a slightly suggestive joke in public (specifically about him) and watch his face flush.
  • He’ll get revenge later.
  • *but until then enjoy his embarrassment.


  • His jolly personality mixed with your jokes are enough to send you two into and uncontrollable fits of giggles and small laughs
  • Reinhardt loves telling you his stories and having you make jokes along the way.
  • Probably incorporates those jokes into his stories when tellig them to others.
  • Totally tries to impress you with his own jokes
  • Everytime you crack a joke his face lights up and he lets out a huge belly laugh
  • Thinks its adorable how you look when you tell a joke you`re really proud of, no matter if it was good or not.

Could you write some headcanons about how Junkrat, Roadhog and Doomfist would keep their s/o warm if they’re cold?

First of all, I think they all have a pretty high body temperature, but anyway,


  • He’d try to start a fire
  • don’t let him start a fire
  • Unless your house is haunted by ghosts or wendigos, DONT LET HIM START A FIRE
  • Ask him for cuddles instead
  • He’d love to cuddle you!


  • He’ll hook you
  • Okay, seriously, just cuddle up to him.
  • You don’t even have to ask.
  • He’s pretty warm anyway


  • He honestly doesn’t know what to do?
  • You should probably ask for some blankets, or cuddles
  • otherwise he’ll stay oblivious.
  • Asking for blankets means he’ll let you lay on top of him with a blanket covering you both.
  • Asking for cuddles means he’ll let you cuddle with him while rubbing your back