you can kill an entire team as Mercy but that soldier with a triple kill will still get potg

I’m going to play as Mercy, and I won’t stop until I get a second POTG

I literally just carried my entire team as Junkrat but the D Va got potg because she got a double kill with her mech. I also didn’t get any recogniztion for my 9,000+ damage I did to the enemy team.

Ok that’s just rude. You do your best so much, you’re the reason your team won and you still didn’t get any votes or anything

I swear. Me and my friend were playing together and the Soldier 76 on our team flew onto the objective last second took out FIVE memebers of the enemy team with his ult which got us the point and the victory but my friend got play of the game as Lucio for knocking two people off the edge of the map. Even he agreed that that was bullshit. And the poor bastard wasn’t even on the board afterwards. So we both messaged him and said thanks for saving the game and that he shoulda got potg. He was very happy for the message!

Ok first of all, wtf?? Second, they really should fix the potg system :/ it’s getting ridiculous. It was very nice of you two to message him! He really deserved it