Would you be willing to do a fic of Ana and her s/o meeting their parents? I think it would be hilariously awkward to have a someone bring home a much older girlfriend…

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Today was the day. Your parents were going to meet your girlfriend. Your girlfriend who was… much older.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous. After all, most parents wouldn’t react well to their child dating someone much older than them. In this case, your girlfriend was the same age as your parents.

Lucky for you, they tried their best to react well.

“Don’t worry ḥabībti, everything will go fine” Ana reassured you – it amazed you how she wasn’t nervous.

“Yeah… You’re right” you weakly smiled, taking her hand. Your parents opened the door and they both smiled, “Hello! You must be… Ana”.

“I am! It’s nice to meet you” Ana smiled, holding her hand out for them to shake. After they shook her hand and hugged you, they let the two of you in – you could already smell the food.

Dinner went – great! Ana knew how to look like the perfect girlfriend your parents wanted you to have. She said all the right things, she answered all the questions perfectly. Your parents quickly forgot about the age gap – they loved her!

She had so many interesting stories, too, which your parents enjoyed too.

Everything went perfect, and your parents actually accepted her.

Please do a fic of someone admitting their crush on Ana?

Ana had sensed how nervous you were the second you walked through the door. She just knew.

You were the only one – except for her – in the hall, as others found themselves on a mission or in a training session. She was about to feel lonely anyway so she was glad that she had some company now.

Still, you looked very nervous and uncomfortable so she just had to ask.

“Are you okay?”

“O-Oh, yeah…” you nodded, your heart beating in your chest

But she didn’t believe you.

“Okay. Now tell me the truth”

With wide eyes, you stared at her. Maybe it’d be better if she knew. So, you told her. Or at least, tried to.

“Ihaveacrushonyouandi’msorryIdidn’tmeanto-” you rambled before she interrupted, “Now, repeat that but slowly.”

You looked down in embarrassment as you confessed, “I… Have a crush on you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to”.

To say she was surprised was an understatement. After all, she wasn’t one of the youngest ones around, but she was flattered.

When she didn’t say anything for a while you began to lose hope, until she spoke up, “We can talk about this. Maybe see if it will work”

hi! can i request mccree/hanzo/mercy (and ana if you can!(non-poly)) with an s/o who is basically “dead inside” as she doesn’t really have a will to do anything but still does training and missions since she must. she isnt really happy anymore and when questioned she kind of breaks down in front of them. (thank you! sorry if its vague)

I hope you don’t mind if I did some small drabbles for all of them, otherwise it would have been the same over and over again 🙂

Hanzo would be confused. He does kind of understand, though. After all, when he killed his brother it felt like all happiness he never knew he had left. (When Genji forgave him, it got better though) so he’ll talk to you. He wants you to be happy, he wants you to feel alive.

Mercy would know how to handle this. She knows that she shouldn’t treat you like a baby, or as if you’re a burden. She’ll treat you like a normal person. She will try to get you out more. Like, on dates and walks in a park. It’d be better to tell her you appreciate the help, so she knows that it’s okay. Otherwise, she might think it’s not working.

Ana is quite surprised and might treat you a bit like a child. She’ll make soup, buy teddy bears and so on. If you accept it, great! Ana will feel proud of herself (and probably react with something cocky). If you refuse, don’t worry, it’s okay.

McCree will literally try anything to make you happy. He’ll flirt 200% more, he’ll make 200% more dumb jokes. He’ll go really far. He really just wants to cheer you up (sometimes it works, too!) He’ll try to get you more productive, too!

Hey, today has been a rough day for me. Do you think you can write a fluff piece with me and Ana?

Of course! You didn’t specify any scenario so it’s just Ana cheering you up on a bad day, if that’s okay?

Slamming the door shut behind you, you took a deep breath. But finally, there was absolute silence. Right now, you just wanted to go to bed and forget about everything that happened today.

Taking slow steps towards the bedroom, your want for sleep became bigger. Though, once your back hit the mattress, you kept thinking about everything that has happened in one day.

You were so deep in thought, you didn’t hear the front door and loud footsteps until you felt the mattress dip beside you.

“What’s wrong?” Ana asked you and you sighed while looking at her, “Just… A bad day”. She slowly wrapped her arms around you, “Do you want to talk about it?”. You shook your head, “No… Not now… Just want to lay here with you”

Some headcanons about Ana dating a younger s/o?

  • She honestly doesn’t care
  • She loves you and that should be enough.
  • It’s not other people’s business so if they have a problem, they’ll have to deal with Ana herself.
  • Pharah would feel a bit awkward in the beginnings, but she quickly warms up to you
  • You wouldn’t be a ‘stepparent’, though. More of a friend… Who also dates her mother.
  • Just make sure you keep the PDA to yourselves
  • Fareeha prefers that and doesn’t want to be uncomfortable
  • Luckily, most people accept it.

Aaa,, can I have an older ana, mercy, and sombra w/ a gf who loves to cuddle? Thank you,,,,

Of course ^-^ first Ana request too (I think)

Ana may look like a woman who distances herself, but in reality: she doesn’t mind cuddling. She’d first be confused, though, and ask you why you were doing that. But if you’d explain it to her, she’d fully understand and cuddle you.

Mercy quite enjoys cuddles as well, probably not as much as you, but you’re allowed to cuddle her. It might take a while for her to return the gesture sometimes, but she tries.

Sombra is very cocky. One morning, she’d just wake up with you laying close to her. She’d tease you, nothing harmful of course, but she loves it, though. She has a warm skin, so she’s very comfortable to cuddle up to (unless it’s summer, of course)