Ana misses her daughter. Y/N tries to comfort her.

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She looked so… distracted. Somewhere you understood why. It was obvious, after all.

She missed Fareeha, her daughter. But she had to hide. The whole world thought she was dead after Widowmaker ‘killed’ her. It broke her heart to leave her daughter, but she had no other choice.

She thought of writing her a letter but… What if Fareeha didn’t believe it?

You eventually found her looking at the view outside. “Hey” you whispered. “Hello” she weakly smiled briefly looking at you before turning back to the sky.

You moved closer until you stood right next to her. For a few seconds, you looked at her hand before eventually looking at the stars – while taking her hand in yours.

“You miss her… Don’t you?” you asked her and she nodded, “Of course I do…”.

“The woman who… You know… Who was that?” you curiously asked while looking at her. “She… She was married to Gérard Lacroix, one of our best recruits. Talon was after him but they never got to him. So they kidnapped her instead. She killed her husband while he was sleeping and became the world’s greatest sniper.” Ana told you.

“Well… Is she really that great if you’re still alive?” you tried to lighten her mood – it kinda worked too.

“Thank you” she smiled.

“Maybe you should write Fareeha a letter” you suddenly said and she shook her head, “No, what if she doesn’t believe me?”. Taking a deep breath, you finally said: “You’ll never know until you try”


May I get an imagine where the reader is pampered by Ana and lovingly kissed all over their body? Possibly ending in some NSFW acts.


Sorry, I don’t write NSFW, so I went with headcanons bc it’s been a while since I wrote some headcanons :p

So yeah. like it and open in browser to read on mobile

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  • She’d kiss you softly while her fingers would sometimes grasp your skin a bit tight
  • I think she’d love to pamper you.
  • She just loves giving you attention altogether.
  • However, she’d move slowly
  • It’d be painfully slow
  • Perhaps begging might help.
  • She loves hearing your pleas
  • If she thinks you begged enough, she’ll finally please you.
  • She’ll move slow until you beg for more.
  • Maybe if you’re good she’ll reward you

Fluff of Ana having a super affectionate s/o that basically melts when she calls them habibti?

(ok i decided to write something small bc i’m pretty sure I did something similar to this but I’m not sure :p)

Ana loves how you just turn into a blushing mess when she calls you habibi/habibti. She doesn’t mind your affectionate side either. In fact, she absolutely loves it!

Hcs for sharing a bed with Ana?

  • Hmm she doesn’t need that much space
  • she isn’t one for cuddling either
  • Even though she wouldn’t touch you, she’d like to look at you.
  • Each time before going to bed she’ll give you a kiss
  • just to make sure
  • She hogs blankets
  • All of them
  • You’ll only get them back the next morning

Could you please do a one shot of Ana caring for someone close that has been nearly blinded in both eyes?

(Idk if you meant someone who like got attacked in both eyes or who’s sight has been getting bad but i tried)

It was quiet – too quiet for your comfort. The only thing you could hear, were footsteps. You tried to open your eyes, but something covered them. Quickly, you moved up until a hand covered your shoulder, “I wouldn’t do that, love, you’re still tired…”.


“Wh-where am I? Why are my eyes covered?” you asked her and you heard her sigh, “You’re in the hospital wing. You were almost blind… But we saved you, just in time”

“But…-” you started until she interrupted you, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’ll only have to keep your eyes covered for a while, just to be sure”.

Softly sighing, you laid back down.

She softly caressed your hair, “Don’t worry habībti/ḥabībī… You’ll be fine”

Could you do a platonic relationship with Ana, and what you like to do together hc?

  • She’s a very loyal friend
  • And really good at giving advice
  • Most of the time, you’ll drink tea while gossipping – she knows almost everything about everyone in Overwatch so she might spill some beans.
  • Someone’s rude to you? She’s on it.
  • You’re trying to be rude to her? Nice try
  • She’s good at roasting.
  • Just saying.
  • But she’s a really good friend!
  • Very protective, knows when to stop etc.
  • She’s a friend you should keep around

Would you be willing to do a fic of Ana and her s/o meeting their parents? I think it would be hilariously awkward to have a someone bring home a much older girlfriend…

I’m sorry if there are any typos, I just got a new keyboard and I still have to get used to it

Today was the day. Your parents were going to meet your girlfriend. Your girlfriend who was… much older.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous. After all, most parents wouldn’t react well to their child dating someone much older than them. In this case, your girlfriend was the same age as your parents.

Lucky for you, they tried their best to react well.

“Don’t worry ḥabībti, everything will go fine” Ana reassured you – it amazed you how she wasn’t nervous.

“Yeah… You’re right” you weakly smiled, taking her hand. Your parents opened the door and they both smiled, “Hello! You must be… Ana”.

“I am! It’s nice to meet you” Ana smiled, holding her hand out for them to shake. After they shook her hand and hugged you, they let the two of you in – you could already smell the food.

Dinner went – great! Ana knew how to look like the perfect girlfriend your parents wanted you to have. She said all the right things, she answered all the questions perfectly. Your parents quickly forgot about the age gap – they loved her!

She had so many interesting stories, too, which your parents enjoyed too.

Everything went perfect, and your parents actually accepted her.