New hero!!!!!!!1!!!!





there are so many skins i want pls save me

funkadoodle-doo replied to your post

arghhh that mercy one 😍

Junkrat, Sombra and Widow’s tho 😍 Soldier looks like a dad xp

gives another meaning to the ashes 😂

yeah widows was lovely. and my god sombras.
would be happy to get them all if poss but im saving up to get the mercy one in case I don’t get it in a lootbox

socks with sandals, the sidearm strapped to his back is a nice touch tho.

at least I got Lúcio’s (which I wanted since the beginning) (I still want Junkrats, Sombras, Tracer’s, Widow’s, Soldier’s, Mercy’s and Zarya’s tho :p)


Mod Mei is getting really annoyed because I’ve been trying to get on Overwatch for almost an hour and I can’t

My server just disconnected :/ 20000 players ahead of me. It took me six times before I finally got in as well