Lucio mini fic or hc with s/o who’s a DJ?

gonna do some hcs just to get started :p

  • ok you met because you both worked together on something
  • Or he’s a fan of you/you’re a fan of him
  • (Then you’d collab when you’d become friends)
  • Anyway he loves working with you (and you love working with him. If not you do now)
  • So don’t be surprised when he makes a song just for you.
  • Maybe you can remix it or make one for him too.
  • As I said, he loves working with you so soon there might be an entire album with songs and remixes you both worked on.
  • He isn’t really surprised when he realises he might have a crush on you, honestly
  • That doesn’t mean he won’t be nervous around you.
  • It’s easy to notice.
  • If you don’t feel the same, that’s okay. he understands and it’s not like he can force you to love him.
  • He does hope that it won’t change anything between the two of you

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