Blossom | 1

Hanzo has been travelling for weeks now and while he’s glad he left the Shimada clan, he doesn’t feel at peace with himself. Not after what he did to his brother. One day, he enters a village and hopes to find a place to rest. In a small inn, he meets Y/N, a young adult, looking for an adventure. 

(very long, very bad, im sorry)

Hanzo wrapped his jacket tighter around himself, knowing he should’ve zipped it all the way up but it was too late now. It has been almost three weeks since he left the Shimada castle. He’d be lying if he said he missed it.

Ever since Hanzo was born, he was trained to be the next leader of the clan. He was taught by the best teachers the country could offer. The best maids would serve him. But then his brother, Genji, was born.

While Hanzo was studying, Genji would be playing outside. While Hanzo would be standing next to his father, trying to look like a perfect leader, Genji would be flirting with people outside. While Hanzo went to business parties that he didn’t care for, Genji would be going to the best clubs in Japan. While Hanzo was nicknamed ‘Master’ by his father, Genji was called ‘Sparrow’

There were times Hanzo was jealous. He didn’t have the time to make friends and meet people. Or to go to parties. He had to be mature. No fooling around.

Genji was allowed to have his childhood. He’d have friends, fun, he didn’t have to be the best at everything, and their father would still love them.

But then, Sojiro passed away. The clan elders saw this as an opportunity. It wasn’t a secret that they hated Genji’s recklessness and had been trying to get Sojiro to talk to his youngest son. Nothing worked, however. Until the leader passed away. They instructed Hanzo to straighten out his brother, so they could rule the clan together.

But Genji refused.

And Hanzo had to do unspeakable things to his brother. It broke his heart and the same day, he rejected his father’s legacy and abandoned the clan.

Hanzo knew the clan would try and get their revenge. But it was okay. After all these years of learning, he understood all their tricks.

But now he had the opportunity to travel and to see the world he only got to see through pictures on old papers or holopads.

He had been travelling for a week when he took the train to another city. And then another. And three weeks later, he found himself in another country. Not that he cared. He had no home, not anymore.

However, that didn’t mean he longed for a place to stay. He figured a hotel or even an inn would do.

One day, he stumbled upon a village where everyone seemed to be… Nice. They noticed he was new and welcomed him. Everyone was incredibly helpful whenever he had questions and if he was being honest, it scared him a bit.

What if one of them was sent to kill him?

When he asked if there was a place where he could stay, they immediately directed him to an inn.

The lady who recommended it to him wasn’t lying. She said it looked cozy and warm – and it sure did.

Hanzo made his way to the inn and slowly opened the door. It creaked and a bell rang, alerting the people inside someone was either entering or leaving. It was calm inside and somehow, Hanzo felt at home. It did indeed feel warm and he couldn’t wait to rest his legs.

Due to the amount of walking he’s been doing for the past few weeks, he could use some rest. “Ah, hello!” a man behind a desk greeted him. “Hello,” Hanzo greeted, giving the man a small, awkward smile, “I was wondering if I could spend the night here, for a week or something.”

The man smiled, “Of course! I’ll call for someone to bring you to a room-”

Before the man could call for someone, Hanzo interrupted him, “How much do I have to pay?”

“Oh, you can pay afterwards, when you’re going to leave,” he explained and Hanzo frowned, what a way of keeping a business open.

He nodded and the man called out, “Y/N, can you help this man to his room?”

A door behind the owner opened and out walked someone who seemed very… Cheerful. With a digital notepad in hand, they walked towards Hanzo.

“Hello! I’m Y/N, please follow me,” they happily announced before walking towards the stairs.

Very straight-forward, Hanzo thought, eventually following them up the stairs. He followed them until they stopped at one of the doors in the hallway. “This is your room,” Y/N said, pulling out a small wallet before pulling out a keycard, “And this is the key to your room!”.

Hanzo accepted the keycard and thought he could finally enter his room, until-

“Oh, can you please sign this? That’s how we’ll know for sure that you rented a room since today,” Y/N explained, handing the notepad to Hanzo.

He looked at them for a second or two before eventually signing his name on the digital notepad. “Thank you!” Y/N grinned, “Breakfast starts at six AM and ends at ten AM! You can customize some settings in your room, such as your alarm, whether you’d like your breakfast in your room and so on. We hope you enjoy your stay!”.

Finally, they left and Hanzo felt like he could breathe. He noticed they were very nervous, as if this was the first time they did this. Not that it mattered now.

Hanzo entered the room and sighed in relief. Without hesitation, he dropped his bags and plopped down on the soft bed. Finally some rest.

The archer took a deep breath and groaned when he thought about what the person said.

Maybe he should treat himself and eat breakfast in his room and maybe sleep for an hour longer, too. It was easy for him to customize his settings to his liking. After all, everyone deserved some extra relaxation once in a while.

It was nine AM when he woke up, right in time for breakfast. Hanzo stretched his limbs and took a deep breath when he heard someone knock on the door. It took him a few seconds to get up but he eventually managed to walk to the door.

“Hello, sir!” the person he met yesterday greeted them when he opened the door, “Here to bring you your breakfast!”.

They had a tray filled with food in their hands and a huge smile on their face. Hanzo opened the door and let them in. He regretted that decision when they curiously looked at his bags, “Where are you going after this?”.

Hanzo crossed his arms, “I don’t know yet.”

“So you’re just travelling across the country?” Y/N asked and Hanzo hummed in response. “Seems nice. That’s kinda the reason why I work here. To save money,” Y/N said, “So I can travel, you know?”

Hanzo didn’t understand why they were telling him this, he’d rather eat his breakfast at this point.

The archer repeated his previous response before saying, “Can I eat my breakfast now?”

Y/N’s mouth opened in surprise before they shyly nodded, “Yes, of course…”

Hanzo didn’t care if he sounded harsh, he just wanted to eat, get dressed and explore more of the village. And it wasn’t as if he’d ever see anyone of this village again after he’d leave.


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