Day 3 of Christmas

Day 3 of Christmas: Ugly Sweaters
Characters: Hanzo + Genji (Not poly)

A few days ago, Genji Shimada contacted you. Somehow, he knew you were dating Hanzo – his brother. At first, you didn’t believe him but when he told you his story, you couldn’t help but believe him.

You and Hanzo were going to celebrate the holidays. Genji asked if he could join. While he wanted to keep it a secret, you wanted to be honest with Hanzo.

You understood why he didn’t like it at first – but he eventually accepted your offer.

One thing Genji didn’t know, was that he’d get the surprise.

A while ago, you and Hanzo agreed to find the ugliest Christmas sweaters ever. You didn’t know why he agreed or how you got him to, but he did.

Genji, however, had no idea. The thought of that cheered Hanzo quite up.

So when the day came, it was awkward. Actually, more than awkward. But then you gave Genji his ‘gift’.

“What?” he asked, looking at the wrapped gift. “A gift… For you,” Hanzo tried to suppress a grin. Genji gasped in surprise and quickly ripped open the paper.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“If we’re going to wear ugly sweaters,” you smirked, “So are you!”

Genji stared at the two of you. You couldn’t see any emotion because of his mask, but you were sure he was glaring.

“Are you serious?” Genji asked and Hanzo nodded. His brother sighed and hesitantly pulled the sweater over his metal body.

“You look perfect!” you stifled a laugh.

Genji briefly turned to Hanzo before being suspiciously silent. “I think I deserve a hug now!” he happily assumed.

Hanzo glared but you softly pushed him.

Who knew ‘family reunions’ could be this fun?


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