Headcannons for Hanzo and 76 reacting to their S/O being wounded in battle?


  • He is worried but knows you’ll be alright
  • He knows he can’t check up on you for a while
  • Because he still has to fight.
  • Afterwards, he immediately walks towards you.
  • The first thing he asks is ‘are you okay?’
  • If you need extra care afterwards,
  • Don’t worry, he can take care of you.

Soldier 76

  • He tries to use a Biotic Field
  • So when that doesn’t help, he gets kind of tense.
  • He tries to focus on the mission though
  • He tries to win for you.
  • The second he gets back to the dropship, he stays close to you.
  • He doesn’t want his teammates to see him like this so he just acts like he’s sitting next to you.
  • Once you’re in private, he’d carry you if he has to.
  • Anything you want, he’ll do for you (as long as it isn’t too much)

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