can you do junkrat/roadhog/mccree reacting to a male reader who’s been under a lot of abuse and wants to help them… ? i’ve been going trough that and i wish to see a reaction of my favourite characters…

I don’t write abusive things but I’ll just write something short. No gender is really mentioned when it comes to Reader.

Trigger warning – nothing is really said about the subject but please stay safe

McCree is worried and constantly looking out for you. If it gets too much for you, it’d be smart to tell him what you expect him to do. Otherwise it might get too muc. He just wants to try and help you, honestly.

Junkrat doesn’t really know how to react. He doesn’t think his bombs help a lot so he does try and keep them away from your sight. Sometimes he does forget but when he sees you flinch, he frowns and that’s probably his way of saying ‘sorry’.

Roadhog will be… affectionate. He is scared that Junkrat will scare you so he just tries to keep the rat away from you as much as possible. (Unless he promises to be good). He is very calm and surprisingly, he can help people calm down if he wants to.


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