Day 26 – Crows/Ravens

Day twenty-six: Crows/Ravens

Ever since I’ve read this horror fic about scarecrow!junkrat, i couldn’t help but think about it while writing this

(The scarecrow fic i’m referring to should be something by overwatching-you-sleep. i’ll try to find it on ao3 but i think you’ll find it in the junkrat x reader tag or something)

Trigger warning for choking, I think

Before you were born, your parents bought a farm. And so, since birth, you lived at the farm with your parents. However, there was a scarecrow in the fields – of course – that your parents made together. Frankly, it scared you. Just the lights in its fake eyes that would flicker at night…

You often had nightmares about it.

As you grew older, you got more used to it. It was just a scarecrow, nothing else.

Soon your parents moved out while you stayed in the farm. You got used to the heavy work so you didn’t really care.

It was just… The scarecrow. You had another nightmare – after so many years.

One day, you were sick of it and locked the scarecrow in the shed. That same day, you bought a new one- one that didn’t scare you at all.

However, when you woke up the next day, the new scarecrow was gone.

And replaced by the old one.

Of course it scared you but you kept telling yourself it was just some kid playing a cruel joke on you.

Everyday you’d watch the scarecrow. Just to make sure that nothing else would happen.

But other than that, nothing strange happened afterwards.

Until one day, things started disappearing. A toothbrush, two apples (yes, apples), a shirt, and more.

When you searched for the items, you were being watched – you knew it.

But again, no one was around. Instead of continuing your search, you decided to sleep. You were exhausted – all the work was hard when you were alone.

Still, you kept thinking about where your stuff went. Until it hit you.

The scarecrow was gone.

You rushed out of bed, almost tripping over the blankets, and ran to your window. The scarecrow was nowhere to be seen. As if on cue, the door downstairs opened.

As you heard it coming upstairs, your only options were the closet or your bed.

Thinking your closet was an obvious decision, you quickly crawled underneath your bed.

Only two seconds later, the scarecrow hobbled its way into your room. You had to stay silent, you had to.

The monster walked towards the closet, throwing random clothes on the floor. Once you were sure it pretty much threw all your clothes out, its weight sunk down on the bed.

The only thing you could see was a foot and – a stick? Slowly, its fingers bent themselves over the bedframe, next to its leg and stick. And just like that, the bed was violently thrown against the wall – breaking it in the process.

Suddenly, the monster grasped you by your throat, lifting you up from the ground. As you tried to kick and scratch, it merely held you, looking at you out of curiosity. Its other hand held your cheek.

Afterwards its grasp on your throat tightened – until you blacked out.


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