Day 9 – Candles

Day nine: Candles

listen you might think this’ll be nsfw at one point but it isn’t

October wasn’t really the best time for a power outage, was it? The days started getting shorter so by now, it was already dark.

“At least we still have some candles,” Lúcio, your boyfriend, sighed, looking for some matches. “Yeah, I don’t know what we would’ve done without them,” you agreed, stretching your legs while lying down on the couch.

He lit some candles before walking over to you, “Pretty scary that it happens in October.”

“Why?” you smirked, “Is someone scared?”.

He briefly lifted your legs up to sit down, before resting your legs on his lap.

You leaned closer and kissed his cheek. “Y’know, this is pretty romantic…” he grinned, pressing his forehead against yours. You grinned, “Oh, really?”.

He softly kissed you for a few seconds, “It’s getting colder outside, and we have no way of heating ourselves up, maybe we could just cuddle, y’know?”

“Hmm… I like that idea,” you chuckled.

Lúcio opened his arms and you quickly entered his embrace. Hmm, who knew a power outage could be a good thing?


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