Hi! Could we maybe do some Dad Junkrat headcanons? And maybe also some headcanons about what he’s like during the pregnancy? Please and thank you :)

I think I did headcanons for this but idk if it was for Junkrat? if it was, then lol enjoy some more headcanons

During the pregnancy:

  • I don’t think he’d understand how you feel
  • He probably only knows about the morning sickness.
  • So it’d be better to explain it to him.
  • Even then, though, I don’t think he really understands.
  • It’d be better to trust Roadhog with this.
  • Because unlike JUNKRAT who panics as soon as you go into labour, he stays calm
  • Speaking of going into labour, Junkrat can and will faint.
  • Roadhog will be your best option
  • He doesn’t mind, though. (He’s used to Junkrat’s screaming anyway)

After the baby is born:

  • Roadhog ‘teaches’ him
  • After all, he’s used to Junkrat
  • Junkrat is good at making the baby laugh, though.
  • That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention to your baby
  • Junkrat will try to give your baby boba because he thinks it’ll be okay
  • stop him
  • However, he slowly learns how to be an actual father!
  • He just has to learn

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