Can I have some HC’s for how Reinhardt, McCree, and the junker bois would react to someone slapping their s/o across the face? :O

Idk if I should tag this as abuse but I will just in case

Reinhardt is absolutely furious. How dare someone hit his S/O? For once he’s glad people are easily terrified of him. Standing behind the person who dared to hit you, the person quickly noticed the shadow covering them. They quickly apologized ans escaped Reinhardt’s angry glare.

McCree would punch them. Seriously. If they decide to hit you, they get hit back. As soon as he saw you getting hit, he walked up to the person and tapped their shoulder which made them turn around. Before they could say anything, they were already punched.

Junkrat would threaten to blow them up – Roadhog stopped him in time, luckily. So, Junkrat tries one of the oldest tricks. I’m sure you know the one with the bag with poop that’s on fire? yeah, that one.

Everyone knew you were Roadhog’s S/O, so they wouldn’t dare touch you – Roadhog was very terrifying, of course. If someone tried to, though, he’d hook them and make the message clear: No one messes with you.


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