can i please have some headcanons for 76 comforting the reader after their ex-girlfriend (that they’re in love with) told them they have a new girlfriend? thank you

  • Jack was looking for you because he had not seen you for several days
  • He walked to your room and then he heard sobs
  • He did not even knock the door because he was worried about you
  • He came into your room and he saw you on your bed with a blanket around you, crying
  • He walked towards you and he took you in his arms, rubbing your back
  • “Why are you crying (Y/n)?” You were crying even more in Jack’s shoulder and you were telling him what had happened
  • “(Girlfriend/name) h- has someone else … She does not love me anymore.”
  • Jack’s face grew darker and he tightened you a little more in his arms
  • “Do not worry (Y/n) I’m here for you.” He kissed you on your head and you slept on him

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