(Anon from before) What about after a mission, jack and Gabriel get mad at eachother cause they both want to cuddle reader (they all end up together anyways in a weird sandwhich thing lovelies)

Aww i love this!! Look at these dorks trying to cuddle better than the other

It all started on the dropship. “Ugh, when we get home I’m going to cuddle with Y/N” Jack told himself and Gabriel glared at him, “Oh really? What if I cuddle with them first?”.

Jack chuckled, “You won’t even get the chance”. “We’ll see about that” Gabe crossed his arms.

So when they got home, they… Well…

Gabriel pushed Jack away so he couldn’t open the door. When Gabriel opened it, Jack pushed him again and tried to get a head start but Gabriel grasped his ankle and tried to walk pas Jack who laid on the floor. Jack, however, held on to Gabriel’s ankle and they both started fighting.

All the noise made you come down the stairs and watch the two, “Err… Hello?”.

Suddenly, they let each other go and ran towards you.

Weirdest cuddle session you ever had.


imagine one of them cuddling you while trying to push the other one away lmao


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