overwatchxreader replied to your post “ok i’ll open requests in 15 minutes but the limit is 25 so don’t be…”

im sitting here waiting for them to open before returning to my own requests cause i need me some reaps in my life tbh

I think we could all use some reaper xp the reaper request should be published later today ^-^


ok i’ll open requests in 15 minutes but the limit is 25 so don’t be surprised they’ll close again today or tomorrow bc i want to write them as quickly as possible

Pls ship me with anyone. I’m generally easy going, but I have mentall stuff that affects my energy and pretty much everything else. I’m not rly that strong physically and I have lots of pains in my back and leg which cause a lot of headache. Other than that I like to think I’m doing OK and I try to think positively. I’m punk and I really love kids and working with them. Bc of my medication I’m like squirrel on coffee from time to time. Idk I hope this is enough info -G (also ily)

(Thank you ^-^)

And I ship you with Emily! (I gave her two personalities but I’ll write for the one that probably fits her the most)

I see her as a caring girlfriend who’s very ambitious. So she’d love to help you with your pains in case they get worse. And, she is used to Tracer so she’ll obviously be able to get used to you being active. She doesn’t mind you being ‘weak’ or something, either.